Is Amsterdam overrated?- 2022

But so much tourists love to travel to Amsterdam, there
I have explored a lot from the country myself, I can say with certainty
Amsterdam is overrated compared to other places in
the Netherlands.The historic roads and channels that are the crescent moon round
To form Amsterdam’s main train station, are always full of tourists.

hate the Amsterdam

The locals do not
Like you
These tourists openly penetrate their room.Many local
Shops are tourist cheese shops and grocery stores
gave way.You can only imagine what it is like, as a local in
To live Amsterdam.This aversion to visitors is on
most clearly noticeable in the behavior of the cyclists.

Why is Amsterdam so popular?

Amsterdam is famous for its channels, beautiful houses, cafés
and the red light district
, but this liberal city has much more
to offer as most visitors are aware of.Rick, our local
Ambassador in the Dutch capital, shares 17 wonderful things that
you can do and see for free!

Why is Amsterdam
So dirty?

Canal pollution today
Is the main pollution factor of the Amsterdamer they can
„overflow“ of the sewage system in heavy rain .During and
After downpours, sewage can in trenches or channels around the city

A trip to

van Gogh Museum – a Dutch
Art museum that shows the extraordinary work of Vince van Gogh.It
is located on the Museumsplatz in Amsterdam Süd.It is close to the
Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Concertgebouw.Stedelijk Museum – Es
is two minutes walk from the van Gogh Museum.

Amsterdam A boring city?

is the type of city where you will never be bored
countless museums, free activities, beautiful parks, cozy
Dutch pubs and a fantastic nightlife is the kind of place,
which you can visit again and again, and every time you do it
You find a new favorite place.

is Amsterdam

Amsterdam takes up controversial
Before pandemic almost 22 million
came – more than 25 times as many people as in the city
life.By 2030 it could be up to 32 million visitors per year, estimates
The Dutch Fourthine Amsterdam is that
Red light district.

Why is Amsterdam Sin City

Further information about the
Red light district
The size is actually only about 6,500
Square meters, which is not too big when you consider that it is one
the most popular and most famous area of Amsterdam.The
Red light district is also one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam.

does Amsterdam have a bad reputation?

Amsterdam is the six -safe city in the world and
According to the third annual Safe Cities Index of Economist Intelligence Unit
The safest city in Europe.The explanation is simple – all the things that
We associate with sketches are largely controlled in the city,
which keeps bad behavior away from the streets.

Why is Amsterdam bad?

Amsterdam is widespread with pickpockets,
Small crime and heavier crime .There are also the
Drugs in Amsterdam, which can be bought very freely, what (manchmal) too
Leads chaos and stupidity.The red light district in particular is pretty
Dangerous (I will not lie), especially at night.

There is sharks in the Amsterdam tongues?

No, there are no sharks The channels.

freeze the channels in Amsterdam every year?

It doesn’t happen very often – in the past ten years
Amsterdam channels are frozen only three times in the years
2012, 2018 and 2021 – If this is the case, locals and
Visitors equally on the ice with full force to really
To experience the unique thing: hiking or ice skating on the frozen
Canals from Amsterdam!

How deep are Dutch

How deep are the canal from Amsterdam?
Typically, the depth of the channels is between two and three
.The channels are not dependent on the tide, which means that the
Water level is quite constant.The water level is regulated by Waternet
and is usually 40 cm below NAP, which is a national guideline for the
Measurement of the water level is.

2 days are sufficient

Yes, Two days are enough for everyone
important sights of Amsterdam
.You can all „Musts“
See some of the best museums and some less well -known areas.
In addition, you can even have a short half -day with good planning
Excursion outside the city.

How many
Days in Amsterdam are enough?

3 days
In Amsterdam is more than enough time to the greatest sights of the
To see the city and the city for a short day trip too

Amsterdam is an expensive

Amsterdam is one of the 10 most expensive
Locations in Europe
.So yes, Amsterdam is definitely not cheap to
Life.Especially the prices for „inner de Ring“ (in the most central quarters)
can double or triple compared to locations in Friesland or Limburg

is Amsterdam or London

for family time, Amsterdam is
: smaller and quieter.For free museums, parties and
London is better shopping.Both cities share the same dark and cold
Weather.Both cities offer international cuisine, good transport links,
Excellent flight connections, culture, art, fashion and entertainment.

What is a safe London or Amsterdam?

According to the latest report by Economist Intelligence Unit (eiu)
Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe.London
More to offer and there is more going on, only through the sheer size, but
Amsterdam, for such a small capital, does a damn well.

What is better Berlin or Amsterdam?

Both Amsterdam and Berlin are great for
Alone travelers.But when they like the nightlife of the city, Berlin has
even more to offer.If you have a limited budget, Berlin is
better choice for you.Since the food is cheaper than in Amsterdam, as well as the
Local transport and accommodation.

Amsterdam is safe to

Yes, Amsterdam is a safe city
for a visit
.In the last Safe City Index (2019) Amsterdam took
Fourth place in the list of the safest cities in the world.
Crime rates in general in Amsterdam go back every year.
Nevertheless, most crimes like robbery and pickpockets pass in
Amsterdam tourists.

Amsterdam prohibits
Coffee shops?

Amsterdam, the Sinnenstadt
The The ban on cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam
is part of your strategy
about the high volume of price -conscious
To regulate tourists and party goers who are in the city all year round
stream.The local government leads its arrival to the increase in criminal
Activities related to cannabis trading.