What percentage of Lima, Ohio, are black?

25.41 %.
Lima Demography White: 64.84
% Black or African American: 25.41 %

What percentage of the population of
Ohio are black?

12.41 %
White: 81.30 % Black or African Americans: 12.41

What is Lima Ohio

Lima is the district town of all County,
Ohio.The first white inhabitant of the community founded in 1831 was Absalom
Brown.Lima was in 1831, eleven years after the foundation was founded by all County,
District town.Lima was named after him Lima, Peru .

How many houses are there in all County,



residential units, July 1, 2019,
Unity rate for self-used residential property, 2015-2019 67.1 %
Median value of the
self-used residential units, 2015-2019
$ 118,100

How big is all County?

According to the US Census Bureau, the district has a total area
from 407 square miles (1,050 km 2 ) of which 402
Quadrat miles (1,040 km 2 ) is land and 4.4 square miles (11
km 2 ) (1.1 %) is water.

Part of Ohio Most Blacks?

You the racial composition of each city in Ohio with the table at the end
this story.) Most cities with the largest black population
are in the Cleveland area led by East Cleveland and
Warrensville Heights, both 91.8 percent black.

Which city in Ohio has most


meanwhile the highest proportions of African Americans were
In the District of Columbia (44.17 %), Mississippi (37.94 %), Louisiana (33.13 %),
Georgia (33.03 %) and Maryland (32.01 %).

District Dayton
Condition Ohio
Black % 43.90 %
Black alone % 40.67 %
Population 137.644

Why is Lima the saddest city in the world?

The general lack of growth and possibilities in the last
Centuries has created a huge gap between rich and poor, and
In Lima, especially in its extreme form you can see this.And that’s the
sad reality The poor in Lima are poorer than most others
poor people from other nations on earth

What is Lima, Ohio, famous?

Industries flourished and the city was known for
produced locomotives
.The Ohio Power Shovel Company and the Lima
Locomotive Works Inc. were important factors for the economy.Lima was
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of school buses.

Which animal is Lima?

Lima, or
The spiky fileclam is a types of mussels in the
Family Limidae.

Lima Lima
Kingdom: Animalia
Stamm: Mostor
Class: Bivalvia
Command: Limida

How many residents did Lima have in 2020?


People’s count, April 1, 2020

Population, census, April 1, 2010 38.771
Age and gender
People under 5 years, percent  8.2 %

Lima, Ohio?

All County

Which district is Ashland, Ohio?

is the district town of Allen County, Ohio .Lima lies on the
Interstate 75 between Dayton and Toledo, about 72 miles north of Dayton
and 78 miles south of Toledo.

According to whom everyone was
County named?

Ashland County

What is the zip code of Lima, Ohio?

John Allen
All County, Indiana

All County
Condition Indiana
founded 1.April 1824
named after John Allen
Seat Fort Wayne

How high is sales tax for all county,

6.85 %
Ohio has one
VAT of 5.75 % and all County raises an additional 1.1 %, i.e. the
Minimum sales tax rate in all County 6.85 % (without
Any municipal and special district taxes).
Tax rates
City in Allen County, Ohio.

City VAT rate Tax jurisdiction
Biberdamm 6.85
Lafayette 6.85 % Lafayette

Which district in Ohio has most
Black residents?

It includes people who
Provide the breed as „black or african American“ or entries such as
African Americans, Kenyans, Nigerians or Haitians.
the black population in Ohio for counties.

District Value
Lorrain 9.0
Lukas 20.3
Madison 6.3
Mahoning 16.1

What percentage of Columbus are black?

The black population in Columbus, Ohio, is 91,340 as a percentage
46.7 percent are black.

How much
Percent from Atlanta are black?

Population snapshot

2019 Atlanta MSA (29 districts)
% of the population- 25 years and older with a bachelor
Completion or higher
39.9 %
% of the population – male/female 48.3 %/51.7
% of the population – race: white 45.5 %
% of the population – breed:
Black or African American
33.6 %

Which city has most blacks

Laut a study by nerdwallet from the
The year 2015 is the area of Atlanta the home of about
2.1 million companies in black ownership, what the highest in the nation
are.The Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2005 and dedicated
the support and networking of black entrepreneurs in the region

What percentage of the US Army are

The total number of active military members
in 2019 was 1.3 million people.

characteristic Women in active service Men in active service
White 54.08 % 69.86 %
Black 28.92 % 16.94 %
Native of Alaskas
1.39 % 1.16 %
Asian 4.97 % 4.43 %